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Future-proofing sustainable power generation to reduce 4,122 Tons of CO2 footprint

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Every company or organization large, medium-sized, or small has a role in changing the ecosystem. Nestle believed that even small steps towards eco-friendly workspaces can have a positive impact on climate change let alone power generation. Being a self-sustained power-generating company in Pakistan is ideal for businesses considering electricity tariffs, load shedding, and other factors.

Solar Energy Constraints For Nestle Pakistan

Solar Solutions are widely focused on the available area for solar panels, followed by the electricity usage of the premises. The main issue faced by AMA Energy Solar was the lack of roof space available on the premises of Nestle Pakistan. Followed by the requirements of an elevated structure to ensure ideal power generation. Thirdly with high electricity usage, the utilized area for solar is not potentially ideal for a high solar power-yielding solution.

Goals / Requirements

Why did Nestle Pakistan opt for a solar solution? Nestle needed an alternative, clean source of energy generation for their plant. As a result, they used solar solutions to match the global agenda of zero carbon footprints for no harmful emissions. Furthermore, cementing the fact of being energy independent in Pakistan which is cost-effective and also environmentally friendly.

Our Strategy

Centrally orchestrated by the team at AMA Energy Solar, Nestle leveraged an idealistic strategy to future-proof their sustainability goals. An agile approach was designed to rapidly identify roof space, and material usage to pilot the solar solution before implementation.


Units Consumed


Installed DC Power


Payback Period

Furthermore, keeping the use case in mind, we opted for the best Longi panels for the pre-implementation planning. Followed by drone inspection of the area and performance predictions. Once the plan was perfectly suitable, the strategy was implemented.

Solar Solution for Nestle Pakistan

Project installation and commissioning were initiated within 2 days of strategy finalization, the designed strategy worked out perfectly. Besides the installation of solar panels on the premises, we ensured that the structure utilized was safe and met the wind-controlled requirements.


Solar Module

Solar Edge




Total Modules

AMA Energy Solar boasts the fastest commercial project completion within 70 days of initiation. As a result of our sheer determination and commitment. In addition to the project completion, we are proud to assist a large corporation like Nestle to attain their net zero goals by 2050.

Climate Change & Net Zero with Nestle Pakistan

With Nestle Pakistan going green – we harness energy from the Sun to help the Environment. Both organizations collaborated to help with the sustainability goals of Nestle saving more than 4000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


CO2 Emissions Saved


Trees Planted


Cars Fuel Saved

AMA Energy’s strategic planning and proven expertise in implementation proved to be a success. The commercial sector of Pakistan is widely in need of such initiatives from large and small companies. Saving electricity costs, being eco-friendly, and contributing positives to climate change are beneficial.

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