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AMA Energy is revolutionizing the way energy is generated, consumed, and shared. We are a profound solar energy solution provider in Pakistan with decades of experience and unwavering commitment to innovation, and reliability.

Residential Solar Project Lahore


Embrace sustainable living with our Residential Solar Solutions, tailored to meet the energy needs of your home, providing clean power and reducing your environmental footprint.
Commercial Solar Project Lahore


Drive business sustainability with our Commercial Solar Solutions, delivering scalable and efficient solar installations to meet the unique energy demands of your brand and enterprise.
Industrial Solar Project Lahore


Boost farm efficiency with our Agricultural Solar Solutions, harnessing the sun’s power to drive irrigation systems, reduce energy costs, and promote sustainable farming practices.
Agriculture Solar Project Lahore


Fuel industrial growth with our Industrial Solar Solutions, designed to meet the high-energy demands of manufacturing and industrial facilities, enhancing operational efficiency.

Why Solar ?

One Time Investment. Lifetime Savings.

With reduced costs & improved technology, now is the time to go solar.






What We Do ?

Our expertise lies in designing, implementing, and maintaining cutting-edge solar systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across the nation. We offer a range of comprehensive and tailored solutions, including solar panel installations, energy storage systems, and efficient grid integrations.

Solar EPC Projects

From meticulous planning to on-site installation, our Solar EPC services promise turnkey solutions, harnessing the power of the sun for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Transform your energy landscape with our Solar EPC Projects, where precision meets sustainability, ensuring seamless execution from conception to commissioning.

Solar PPA / Leasing

Embrace solar without the upfront costs with our Solar PPA/Leasing options, offering a financially savvy route to sustainable energy adoption for businesses and individuals alike. Unlock the economic benefits of solar power through our PPA/Leasing services, providing a hassle-free, cost-effective alternative.

O&M & After Sales Services

Secure the longevity of your solar investment with our O&M services. Our commitment doesn’t end at installation – rely on our O&M and After Sales Services for prompt, reliable support, safeguarding your solar investment for years to come. Our team ensures your solar assets operate at peak efficiency throughout their lifecycle.

Energy Consultancy

Energy Sector Consultancy Services

Navigate the complexities of the energy sector with our consultancy services, offering strategic insights and expert guidance. Our experts analyze trends, regulations, and innovations to shape your sustainable energy strategy. Our decades long experience in Consultancy Services provide a comprehensive roadmap for businesses.

Drone Inspection Services

Revolutionize solar asset management with our Drone Inspection Services, offering a bird’s-eye view for swift, accurate, and non-intrusive assessments. The service is used for detecting issues with precision and speed to minimize downtime and maximize output. Let’s unleash the potential of aerial intelligence.


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Recent Completed Projects

With a robust track record, we’ve successfully installed over 180 systems across Pakistan. Our combined installed PV capacity now surpasses 3500KW, a testament to our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Real People, Real Savings with Us!

Discover firsthand accounts of success as our valued customers share their transformative journeys with AMA Energy Solar. From slashing electricity bills to contributing to a greener planet, their stories illuminate the real impact of our solar solutions. Join us in celebrating these Solar Success Stories as a testament to the trust our clients place in us and the excellence of our services.

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World Class Technology & Service

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From rebates to installations, we're always strong in the race.

Skilled & Trained Personnel

We aren’t scrimping when it comes to your installation.

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25 Year Warranty

Get the peace of mind you need today with a 25 Year Panel Warranty.

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Our Customer Say

At AMA Energy, we make a very simple promise. We do solar and we do it right.

Sheharyar Chaudhry
Google Reviewer
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Their installation team was very professional, installed & wired our entire system perfectly, & the system works just as it’s supposed to work. Extremely satisfied & confident in their work.
Ali Ghous Fakhri
Google Reviewer
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Choosing AMA Energy Services for a solar setup at my residence has to be the best desicion. Just book with them and relax; from procurement to installation and net metering. Everything was hassle free.
Irsa Ishaq
Google Reviewer
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My experience with AMA Energy Services was awesome. Best solar solution provider in Pakistan.

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Project Overview: The IHASAN MUMTAZ HOSPITAL Solar Power  Project represents a significant step towards sustainable energy consumption in the healthcare sector. With an installed capacity

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